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Oct 21

BEYONCÉ – “Crazy In Love” (24 comments) @20 It wasn't Mark Goodier on the Top 40 at the time, it was actually Wes doing the Radio 1… Stephen Emmett – he/him
JOHN LEYTON – “Johnny Remember Me” (9 comments) @8 Stay in my lane? What's that supposed to mean? It sounds like the usual baby boomer arrogance my generation… Teenage Ebola Victim

Oct 21

MADONNA – “American Pie” (83 comments) American Pie has always been a weird sell to the british, despite some of the referenced musicians being british, and… TheGerkuman
GABRIELLE – “Rise” (36 comments) This is one of those songs that gets stuck in my head sometimes but I can never remember who it's… TheGerkuman

Oct 21

CLIFF RICHARD – “The Millennium Prayer” (59 comments) Clearly not the best version of The Lord's Prayer (which would be Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin from the Civilization… TheGerkuman
ROBBIE WILLIAMS – “She’s The One” / “It’s Only Us” (32 comments) It's a very good song, but it's not a very Robbie song. He does acquit himself decently, but mainly due… TheGerkuman
FIVE – “Keep On Movin'” (32 comments) There's something kinda remarkable about a chorus like this, being so simple that it wraps around to being likable. Five… TheGerkuman
WESTLIFE – “Flying Without Wings” (30 comments) This song benefitted from them appearing on SMTV Live and singing it with parody lyrics. (Crying Without Swings, basically a… TheGerkuman
EIFFEL 65 – “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” (62 comments) Would I get in trouble of referring to this as the Mouldy Old Dough of the 90's? That is, that… TheGerkuman
LOU BEGA – “Mambo No.5 (A Little Bit Of…)” (41 comments) David Lubega 'Lou Bega' Balemezi did pretty well out of his 5 minutes of fame. It's just a really catchy… TheGerkuman
GERI HALLIWELL – “Mi Chico Latino” (44 comments) New Labour was basically Diet Tory, so Geri being a Thatcherite hardly surprises me. I can't remember this song at… TheGerkuman
RONAN KEATING – “When You Say Nothing At All” (44 comments) An ok song that Ronan doesn't bring really anything to. So I will also succumb to brevity. TheGerkuman
RICKY MARTIN – “Livin’ La Vida Loca” (53 comments) I was gonna start this comment by noting (as a bi guy) that there's always some irony when a song… TheGerkuman
THE VENGABOYS – “Boom Boom Boom Boom” (48 comments) The Vengaboys are a weird contrast. It seems that being fun-loving hedonists makes you popular with children! Even with liberal… TheGerkuman
S CLUB 7 – “Bring It All Back” (79 comments) Miami 7 was fine. I remember watching it when I had nothing else to do. Which isn't a ringing endorsement… TheGerkuman
BAZ LUHRMANN – “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” (101 comments) Also, Moulin Rouge! remains great and I'm sticking by that take. TheGerkuman
JACKIE TRENT – “Where Are You Now (My Love)?” (24 comments) I'm surprised by the negative reception. I think this is a gorgeous record. Is there a more resigned opening to… Huw Thomas

Oct 21

GARY JULES ft MICHAEL ANDREWS – “Mad World” (24 comments) The Darkness were yet another example of the many better-songs-that-didn’t-make-the-no.1 at Xmas list. Can’t help but wonder what score Tom… steve

Oct 21

BOMBALURINA – “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” (124 comments) Timothy Mallett strikes out here, in a way that's surprising if you know his better work. His skill was getting… TheGerkuman
PARTNERS IN KRYME – “Turtle Power” (65 comments) [stork-boy] The best part of it is the beat and instrumentation, but even that gets repetitive. Very few rap tracks… TheGerkuman