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Nov 19

ELTON JOHN AND KIKI DEE – “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (90 comments) I tend to enjoy EJ's faster paced songs better than his more 'meaningful' works so I'm more favourably disposed towards… lonepilgrim
My Thoughts Big I Just Can’t Define (THE VERVE – “Bitter Sweet Symphony”) (14 comments) Great piece, Tom - love the different sense of engagement coming from you writing about a culturally dominant #2 rather… Kit
DEMIS ROUSSOS – The Roussos Phenomenon (EP) (122 comments) Demi's sounds sincere and engaged on 'Forever and Forever' in a way that a lot of the MOR acts from… lonepilgrim
THE REAL THING – “You To Me Are Everything” (47 comments) a much needed break from the mediocrity that had preceded it, this glides along with a rich, syncopated interplay of… lonepilgrim
THE WURZELS – “Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)” (93 comments) i was taking my o levels in June 76 and can remember sweltering in the school hall. thankfully it meant… lonepilgrim
JJ BARRIE – “No Charge” (380 comments) lest we forget the rubbish that clogged up the charts, here's this cynical, passive aggressive product delivered with self satisfied… lonepilgrim
Why We Hate Indie Kids (371 comments) now present in your city cara menggugurkan hamil

Nov 19

ABBA – “Fernando” (61 comments) Far superior to the previous number one there is a jaunty melancholy to the song that hints at what was… lonepilgrim
BROTHERHOOD OF MAN – “Save Your Kisses For Me” (84 comments) While Tina Charles sounded like she was trying her best this just sounds cynically complacent lonepilgrim
TINA CHARLES – “I Love To Love” (78 comments) Unlike the Four Seasons looking backwards this is firmly placed in the present and despite (or even because of) its… lonepilgrim
FOUR SEASONS – “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)” (107 comments) I find Frankie Valli's voice both enthralling and irritating so it is something of a relief that he is given… lonepilgrim
PET SHOP BOYS – “Hey Headmaster” (9 comments) Driving Lessons Driving Lessons with Roadrunners Driving School your local Kidderminster & surrounding area DVSA registered driving instructors, 7hrs… samanth722
SLIK – “Forever And Ever” (77 comments) I dismissed these at the time but now it sounds refreshingly bonkers in its mashup of different tones and the… lonepilgrim
ABBA – “Mamma Mia” (60 comments) I've made a 1975 mix where Patti Smith's Gloria segues surprisingly smoothly into Mama Mia - perhaps due to the… lonepilgrim

Nov 19

QUEEN – “Bohemian Rhapsody” (149 comments) @#146 and #147 Yes, Queen are often accused of being elitist or aloof (perhaps having a 'monarchist'… Smilin’ Peter
What’s Going On With The FT Comments? (4 comments) Oddly, even though I was somehow blocked from commenting for weeks on end a couple of years ago when nobody… Nixon
BILLY CONNOLLY – “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.” (114 comments) by the time this was a hit I would have listening to Monty Python records so the idea of the… lonepilgrim

Nov 19

DAVID BOWIE – “Space Oddity” (114 comments) It is perhaps unsurprising that Bowie's first UK number one should turn out to be a re-release - the UK… lonepilgrim
ART GARFUNKEL – “I Only Have Eyes For You” (53 comments) Another triumph of American production values with some slightly disconcerting panning of the electric piano from left to right headphone/speaker… lonepilgrim
It’s A Day For Catching Sun (LOUCHIE LOU AND MICHIE ONE – “Shout”) (1 comment) I adore this record, the best of all ragga hits for me. And they succeeds in something that Bowie… Lee Saunders