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Apr 23

HARRY BELAFONTE – “Mary’s Boy Child” (16 comments) Belafonte, just four short of his century, goes for the drive through extra cover but only succeeds in nudging an… enitharmon

Apr 23

SCAFFOLD – “Lily The Pink” (53 comments) @51 Billy - I can't claim this to be gospel truth, but an ex of mine was very sure that… Ken Shinn

Apr 23

S CLUB 7 – “Bring It All Back” (81 comments) RIP Paul Cattermole, reportedly found today aged 46. Not long before a reunion tour, as well. Kinitawowi

Apr 23

EDDIE CALVERT- “Oh Mein Papa” (15 comments) Thank you for your post, always nice to hear first hand reminiscences about decades earlier than the usual internet nostalgia… PAPAT
FRANKEE – “F.U.R.B (F U Right Back)” (27 comments) I'm flattered PAPAT

Mar 23

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD – “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” (69 comments) I was suddenly reminded of this song when it appeared in the Jimmy Savile documentary…I’d completely forgot it for at… Amy

Mar 23

RAY STEVENS – “The Streak” (79 comments) Re 64 and 65: I recall a filmed performance on some BBC show back in the day which had some… Ken Shinn

Mar 23

MARIO WINANS ft ENYA & P DIDDY – “I Don’t Wanna Know” (19 comments) #15, I thought the recent relevance came from the use of the same sample in Pete and Bas' astonishing viral… hectorthebat

Mar 23

Popular ’82 (124 comments) Hmmm ... I think you'd find plenty here to disagree with you. I do like that Wah! single, and I'd… Lazarus

Mar 23

MADNESS – “House Of Fun” (51 comments) Cardiac Arrest ended a run of nine consecutive top ten hits for Madness in March 1982. It reached number 14… Steven Goulding

Mar 23

GINA G – “Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit” (85 comments) Ten years later and how things have changed! The UK Eurovision entry for 2023 (I Wrote a Song by Mae… JLucas
ATB – “9PM (Til I Come)” (101 comments) Here’s my attempt at explaining the controversy of what ‘trance’ meant to different people…. Can’t speak for everyone, but for… Rintrah

Mar 23

MCFLY – “5 Colours In Her Hair” (22 comments) #19 - that is very true! And by definition that also means Deal Or No Deal was, in a roundabout… ThePensmith

Mar 23

BRITNEY SPEARS – “Toxic” (28 comments) In the use of this in Doctor Who, on some releases Toxic is replaced by the Soft Cell version of… Brandon Martin-Moore
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD – “Sixteen Tons” (18 comments) As a previous poster wrote, the line about the 'high-tone woman' in which TEF chuckles is gold, and sums up… NumberOnesBlogGuy

Mar 23

DICKIE VALENTINE – “Christmas Alphabet” (10 comments) The revolution didn't last long, then... As Tom says, normal 1955 service is resumed. Hard to get worked up about… NumberOnesBlogGuy
BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS – “Rock Around The Clock” (19 comments) It's hard to really judge this song fairly... It's massive, and culturally significant, and should be bookmarked in all relevant… NumberOnesBlogGuy

Mar 23

STEVIE WONDER – “I Just Called To Say I Love You” (87 comments) Can't see it anywhere in the posts about this song. I guess the call was made in November because there… Malcolm

Mar 23

THE JOHNSTON BROTHERS – “Hernando’s Hideaway” (13 comments) In a way, this is similar to the Jimmy Young hit that preceded it, in that it's telling a seemingly… NumberOnesBlogGuy
JIMMY YOUNG – “The Man From Laramie” (14 comments) Got to thank the previous commentors for bringing 'Chain Gang' to my attention. WTAF?? (And I mean that in the… NumberOnesBlogGuy