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Apr 23

1985 B-Sides SEMI FINALS!

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Democracy hasn’t had a great run of it in recent years but it can still deliver a result like this – a pair of B-Sides semi finals which give voters a window seat at the birth of Detroit Techno, Chicago House and Dancehall.

These will be the last set of Peoples Pop Polls before we move to the new site – there’s still the Final to come but I’ll run that on Twitter as I don’t want polls to be ongoing when the actual move starts.

There will be an exciting new destination (and URL) for People’s Pop and Freaky Trigger will go back to hosting everything I/we do that isn’t polls or Number 1 song reviews (yes, those will be back again). more »

Apr 23


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We’re down to the last 8 competitors in the A-Sides (on Twitter) and the B-Sides (here!). The winners in these matches enter PollHalla, the pop poll hall of fame, and you have less than a day to make the choices.

I’ve not re-ordered the YT playlist but these tracks are all there, and linked in the matches. And Tenor Saw is starting us off anyway…

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Apr 23


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We’re down to our last 16 B-Side tracks in the World Cup Of 1985 – a parade of the underground, the influential, and the unjustly forgotten.

They’ve been split into four final groups. The Top 2 in each will advance. But in a bit of EXPERIMENTAL POLLING, you can vote for your preferred two in each group. I’m interested to see what difference (if any!) that makes.

Polls end on Wednesday morning UK time and we’ll have our quarter-finals that afternoon. Here’s the YouTube playlist: more »

Apr 23

1985! B-Sides Round 2 Matches 12-16

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Here are the final four B-Sides Round 2 matches in THE WORLD CUP OF 1985, which is also continuing over on Twitter at the peoples_pop account (assuming Elon keeps polls intact).

Here’s the YouTube playlist for these:

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Apr 23

THE WORLD CUP OF 1985! B-Sides Round 2 Matches 9-12

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Back back BACK with four more matches from the 1985 World Cup, underground polls for the more discerning people’s pop palate. Or something like that.

YouTube playlist: more »

Apr 23

THE WORLD CUP OF 1985! B-Sides Round 2 Matches 5-8

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Four more matches of lesser-known or lower-voted tracks from 1985.

This time we’ve got a YouTube playlist set up, starting with Youssou N’Dour

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Apr 23

THE WORLD CUP OF 1985! B-Sides Round 2 Matches 1-4

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Our first actual on-site polls (I hope they work!)

These are our B-Side matches – lesser-known tracks put under the spotlight. Four head-to-heads with 12 more to come, assuming these function as planned.

Great News For All Our Voters

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As you probably know, Elon Musk is threatening to make Twitter polls a subscriber-only feature

As you may also know, we’re launching a dedicated Pop Polls site here at the start of May, as part of a general relaunch of the site with individual ‘homepages’ for Popular, the Polls, and everything else.

But this leaves the current Twitter poll – about 1985 – in a kind of limbo. So we’ll be running the rest of THAT on this site before the relaunch. (If Musk doesn’t fuck polls up we’ll probably just do the B-Sides here) more »

Mar 23

1985 Poll Playlists – Days 6 and 7

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A playlist double bill – Day 6 and also Day 7:

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Mar 23

Donate and Nominate in THE CHARITY CRUSHER

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The May pop poll will be an open entry CHARITY POLL, raising money for international aid charity ActionAid and UK refugee education charity the Ruth Hayman Trust. 

I’ve set up 2 fundraising pages. more »